Why Now is the Right Time to Learn Mandarin

Why Now is the Right Time to Learn Mandarin?

Ni hao! (Hello)

This is WinneyL’s first post.

I realized that many of my friends started to learn Mandarin [out of sudden]. Probably it is the trend now due to the quick emergence of China and the of development of Confucius Institutes all over the world, all countries are encouraging expansion in Mandarin education.

While learning Mandarin is becoming more popular, many students of the language complain of its difficulty. There are approximately 2500 words that are regularly used, and Mandarin pronunciation is quite complex. Others are concerned that with more students pursuing Mandarin as a foreign language, other languages such as Russian and Japanese will be overlooked. However, these concerns have not proven to slow the increasing popularity of Mandarin. For many students, learning Mandarin will equate to better business trade with China as a growing number of people speak it worldwide.

Why Learn Mandarin?

  1. While English is a language that is very often spoken in countries where it is not a native language and will grant you access to lots of cultures, Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers in the world. It is also related to all the other Chinese dialects and will end up offering you access to one of the most complex and richest cultures available.
  2. Chinese economy is slowly taking over the world. Most of the small products we use are made in China. Business-wise, bumping into a Chinese native-speaker is inevitable and knowledge of Mandarin will go a long way in improving your relations.
  3. More and more companies open subsidiaries in China. Knowledge of Mandarin could earn you a fast promotion in one of those.

Regardless it is for your career enhancement or personal interest, I strongly recommended to take Mandarin as your second language. Mandarin is such a beautiful language to be discovered and I can assure, you won’t regret learning it!

Coming soon I will have more sharing on mandarin learning sessions and also some story sharing to hit my “one day a positive thought” target.

Mandarin Vocabulary: Ni Hao (你好) -Hello

Positive thought of the day: Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest. 

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