Life Optimist Winney L

WinneyL, she called herself the Life Optimist.

She believes everything happens for a reason. Instead of wasting time on complaints, hatred and whatever it is holding us on from moving forward, she’d rather spend time by “LIVE IT“, “LOVE IT” and “LEARN IT“.  She sets reminder to herself everyday: “Not to regret what has passed,  not to worry what it is unknown, and the only thing one should be doing is be the best of himself/ herself TODAY”.

An optimist does not mean she doesn’t face problems at all in life, she DID indeed, like all the time~ To think and act positively is a choice, not a result. First of all you must allow yourself to think positively, that leads to your thought to activate the positive quantum in your subconscious mind and further leads to your decision, action and hence the result.

People see problems in different perspectives. Successful people see problem as an opportunity to grow while unsuccessful people see problem bigger than themselves. Unfortunately most of us do so.

When we focus on obstacles, we tend to avoid them by demotivating ourselves and we stopped. Stagnant. Period.

To WinneyL, she has nothing to lose in life. We can start everything all over again but most importantly we learned, rectify and a must to grow faster from the mistakes we made at earlier stage.

So why are we afraid of failures, sadness or the future that is unknown to us?

She sees people struggling like her most of the time, and she wants the world to know, each of us carry our own value for certain things we are good at in life. Focus, focus on the positive and the positive will come to you.

WinneyL’s daily sharing as a life optimist, both in English & Mandarin languages. She promises you to take away at least a piece of positive mind before you leave her wonderland.

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